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Travel Leaders Abilene is proud to work with the following suppliers and vendors to bring you the best vacation options possible.  For the best experience in shopping and booking your travel, we suggest using one of our friendly and professionally trained travel agents.  We shop and book vacations every day to many different destinations, which gives us insight into providing you the highest quality experience for the best price.  If you are ready to begin shopping for your vacation, we have provided some of our preferred suppliers' booking sites.  All of these sites will also link to our store, ensuring that your reservation can be serviced by our knowledgeable and professional agents.




Funjet Vacations

Funjet Vacations offers packages with land only, air and land, and charter booking.  Destination include Mexico, Caribbean, U.S., Central America, Europe and Asia.  Features include All inclusive, Beach, Family, Adults-only, Disney, Ski, Weddings and Honeymoons.

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Globus offers escorted tours and city stays.  Destinations include, U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  Globus will appeal to travelers with moderate to premium budgets.

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Monograms offers escorted tours, city stays, and personalized experiences.  Destinations include U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Monograms will appeal to travelers with premium to luxury budgets.

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Cosmos offers escorted tours and city stays.  Destinations include U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa.  Will appeal to travelers with conservative to moderate budgets.

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Faith-Based Travel

Faith-Based travel is the perfect way to intimately explre the roots and stories of your faith with fellow believers.  The power of being in the presence of a historical manuscript or standing in the very places where the stories of scripture unfloded is a moving experience.

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