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Congratulations on your engagement! It's an exciting moment in time to celebrate and plan your future with your fiancé. But first you have to plan a wedding. How have you always pictured your wedding day? Was it on a white sand beach like the ones in Jamaica? Maybe it was on top on the Eifel Tower at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. If ideas like these make your traveling heart skip a beat then why not plan a destination wedding? A chance for you and your guests to get away, relax and spend time together. A vacation with a celebration! Travel Leaders Abilene is here to help you navigate the different options, and make the whole process easier. What better way to celebrate your relationship with your special someone that to get awaytogether? We can help you find the perfect escape for your destination wedding.

Why should I do a destination wedding?

  • Destination weddings are a unique way to tie the knot.  A great celebration in a beautiful location!
  • There's no need to hop a plane the day after your wedding.  You're already in your honeymoon destination.
  • With a destination wedding you can escape the fast and furious.  Spend more time with your friends and family by turning your wedding into a vacation.
  • Destination weddings can take the stress out of planning your special day.  Most resorts offer customizable packages that fit any style and budget.
  • You may even qualify for a free wedding ceremony!


How can Travel Leaders help you travel better for your destination wedding?

  • We can help narrow down the best spot for you and your guests.
  • Our knowledgeable agents can help you with all the document requirements and regulations for your wedding abroad or in another state.
  • With all the different resorts and packages, it can be overwhelming! We can help you narrow down the options and find the best fit for you.
  • We will coordinate your guests travel plans.  We can arrange travel from just about anywhere.
  • With some destinations we can help you receive group discounts, personalized wedding webpages and more!


Where should I go for my destination wedding?

  • Click on the marker to read about some of our top wedding destinations.
  • A. Jamaica   B. Mexico    C. Dominican Republic    D. Costa Rica    E. Florida
  • You can also ask us about other destinations like Bahamas, Hawaii, St. Thomas or Turks and Caicos


What should I talk to my travel agent about when planning my wedding?

  • Do all of your guests have passports? Or are they able to get passports?
  • Will you have adults only, or will you have children joining you?
  • How many guests will be coming to your wedding?
  • Do you want a reception or just the ceremony?
  • Do you have a budget for you and your guests?
  • What activities are important to you during your destination wedding?
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