A Trip to UNICO 2087 - Part 2

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UNICO 2087 Spa

Welcome back! I wanted to make sure and cover everything about this resort so I broke it up into two posts.  Here is a little more about the great UNICO 2087 in the Riviera Maya of Mexico.

The spa inclusions here are unlike any other resorts I’ve been to.  They have a full service spa and salon and certain services are included for just a 20% service charge. Meaning I was able to get a full pedicure the day I arrived for $7. That’s right $7.00 USD. You can get a massage every day if you want to for $36.00 USD. I opted for the Shaman Wrap and it was heaven. 

Finally, let’s talk food.  I like food. I love food! Food is the reason I work out. So I can keep eating all the food.  The UNICO 2087 did NOT disappoint.  For breakfast you have the option of the buffet, room service and their Inez Café.  All were great and I love anywhere I can walk up and get my morning espresso included.  Lunch offered similar options with the buffet being open, Inez offering fresh pressed paninis, salad and more, room service and of course the pool service.  They even have a wood burning pizza oven by the pool area serving fresh made pizzas all day.  But my favorite were the different ceviche I could order right to my pool chair.  A refreshingly perfect lunch to eat in the hot sun with some chips and guacamole on the side. Also, I have to mention the churros.  The perfect afternoon or late night snack from the room service menu.  You have to try the churros!

Now dinner was a different story with many more options to choose from, not that I ever felt I was lacking for breakfast, lunch or snack options.  They offer a steakhouse, Italian restaurant, Mexican restaurant and Asian restaurant.  Each restaurant greeted you with a different welcome cocktail and offered many, many different choices to please everyone’s tastes.  One note for those of you with dietary restrictions.  Every time you interact with a server whether you are at the pool or one of their fine dining restaurants they will ask you about dietary restrictions or food allergies.  If I had any of these this would be a place I would be very comfortable going to knowing they would take great care of me.  One thing that struck me as different from other resorts is they seemed to have different wine or specific liquors for different restaurants.  This means that at the Italian restaurant I was able to order a more Italian specific whereas at the Asian restaurant they had sake! And the food at these restaurants was all very fresh, seasonal and delicious.  I know it’s so simple but the pesto at the Italian restaurant, something so simple but easy to get wrong, was perfect to me! Have I mentioned I’m a bit of an Italian food snob?

So to wrap it up, I would have to say if you are looking for a luxury but fun experience in the Riviera Maya of Mexico, UNICO 2087 is a great choice! You can’t go wrong here.  Any need I had was attended to and I left feeling relaxed and pampered but also with some great memories (remember the pool unicorn in post number one?). 

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